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The best sofa beds on the market

If you are going to travel or have guests at home and you do not have space at home and you need a bed, it is best to opt for a comfortable and practical armchair bed. Take care of your health with a well-deserved rest. Resting in a good mattress is investing in health.


In the market we can find a lot of models, but to get one, you have to take into account several essential aspects. On the one hand, we have to think about its future location, the function that we will give it and its frequency of use; it will also be necessary to think who will be the person who will use it the most; you have to calculate the space that is available in the room and of course, you have to take into account the design and decoration. For that reason, we have made a selection of the ten best Sofas & Sofa Beds online.

                                          Daybed with Trundle Single Bed Frame Fabric - Grey


1 Intex sofa bed


The inflatable armchairs of Intex have the solution: they transform into comfortable beds with only two steps. Decorate your space with the armchairs of the Intex Pull-Out line. An armchair that transforms into a comfortable single bed. The Pull-Out Chair has a comfortable backrest with armrests. It folds compactly and in less than 1 minute you have a bed or a sofa.


The sofa bed of the Chic model by Adec has an opening of the book type bed with chromed legs . It is made of synthetic leather and is available in various colors, from white, to black, through a warm red and brown. As for the measurements, width has 180 cm and the measurements of the bed are 180 x 105 cm.


3 Natalia Spzoo folding armchair


The folding mattresses are the most recognized models of this brand. These are triple mattresses that feature, or without, headrests in a variety of colors and sizes. It is ideal for use in small areas . It can be used as a chair and can be deployed as a bed. As for the measurements: 200 x 70 x 10 cm.


4 Clic Clac sofa bed with chest


The Clic Clac sofa bed is a practical convertible sofa in a 120x190cm bed. It has a system of opening pressure and has a very useful and spacious chest, to store everything we need , such as bedding. The bed is wider than others available in the market.


5 Sofa cama vidaXL


The VidaXL sofa bed is an unbeatable opportunity to have a convertible sofa bed at a more than reasonable price. It has an open click system that will allow us to open and close the sofa without any effort. It is available in various colors and has the measurements: 168 x 76 x 66 cm.


6 Sofa bed hill


The Hill sofa bed has a click-clacking system and is upholstered in leatherette in striking colors , such as a practical jet black, even passion red, and yellow. We can find two options in the market, which will be adapted to our space needs. The first one, 210 x 105 x 35; and the second, 210 x 135 x 35 cm.


7 JUST home corner sofa


The JUSThome sofa bed is made of high quality leatherette. It is manufactured with a structure of wood and iron quilted. It has a powerful chest in which we can store all the bedding. Regarding the measures: 142 x 237 x 75 cm.


8 Bestway Sofa Bed


The inflatable bed sofa by Bestway can be perfectly used as a sofa or mattress and is made of durable vinyl. It is very easy to inflate as it has a safety valve and includes an electric pump to inflate it.


9 Sofa bed Amanda


The Amanda sofa bed is one of the most modern and useful models on the market. It has a particular design on the arms. Very easy to open, the structure is made of pine wood and is covered with polyurethane foam. It is available in numerous colors and in different sizes : sofa bed 0.80 m; 1.20 m sofa bed; sofa bed 1.50 m.

                                     vidaXL Sofa Bed Black Artificial Leather Living Room Convertible Lounge Couch


10 Sofa bed Jilong Rela X


The Jilong Rela X mattress provides the firmness for a well-deserved and rejuvenating rest. It is light, compact and extra comfortable and we can find it in two sizes, for one person or for two people. It has a pillow-shaped finish for a more comfortable rest . It has an electric pump incorporated.